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        Model:  HD101


        HD101 is a masterbatch for use as a nucleating agent in gas-injection applications. It is specially designed for easy incorporation into insulation raw material compound for processing Physical Foaming Insulated RG series coaxial cables. The compound consists of base resin and more than 4 kinds of other supporting agents such as Stabilizer, Activator, foamable antioxidant and expander. When used correctly, it allows the formation of small, uniformly distributed cells.



        Physical Properties


        1. Gas Production dddddddd 250cm3/10g dd(200)
        2. Processing Temperature
        3.Expansion Degree               40-80%



        Processing Techniques
        HD101 is designed to be extruded with LDPE or HDPE gas injection compounds for processing physical foaming insulated coaxial cables. It is normally added at 1-3% masterbatch concentration into a blend of 60-80% HDPE and 20-40% LDPE.

        While the exact temperature profile required will depend upon the screw design and construction being made, the following extrusion temperature profile represents a good starting point:

        Feed Zone :         140
        to 150
        Transition Zone :     170
        to 180
        Gas injection point :   170
        to 190
        Metering Zone :      140
        to 170 ℃   (depending on insulation diameter)
        Crosshead and die :   130
        to 190   (depending on insulation diameter)



        Form:       pellets

        Package:     25 kg bags

        They should be stored in a dry and cool area.

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